Ken and Debb have been married for almost 30 years. Their story began in Las Vegas, Nevada in the late 1980s, in 1991 they married, and then started a family in 1993. Debb has over 30+ years of experience crafting and creating delicious sweets. She is best known for her cakes and cookies! In November 2017, Debb took over Cloud 9 Cafe in East Gate Mall and it's been a crazy whirlwind since. God is so good! Now, in addition to offering Debb's famous custom cakes and cookies, we also have a delicious breakfast and lunch menu! 

Ryn (26) is Ken and Debb's oldest daughter. Drew is Ryn's puzzle piece. They have been married for almost 4 years! 

Kennedy (25) is the second daughter and is married to Hayden! This past November, baby James joined the family and renamed Ken and Debb- Pop and Lollie. Baby James is just the cutest and best little blessing. 

Hannah (22) is the third daughter! Zach and Hannah recently got married in January 2020. So much love for the two newlyweds. 

Noah (21), sweet Noah. The forth kiddo of the group. He is for sure the family comedian- always playing jokes on all of us!  He is currently still in school at TWU  studying Mathematics and playing college basketball. Ken is his biggest fan!

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