Holiday Treats & Eats

Celebrate this holiday season with one of our delicious, freshly made desserts! These sweet eats make for a great gift for your family, friends, or coworkers (or a treat for yourself!)  

$ 12 +tax 

$ 15 +tax 

$ 5 +tax 

$ 25 +tax 

$ 4 +tax 

Giant Gingerbread Man 

DIY Giant Gingerbread Man

Hot Chocolate Bomb

4 Hot Chocolate Bombs

Dozen Thumbprint Cookies

Nurse Appreciation Gift


This is just what the doctor ordered for those special nurses in your life! The perfect gift! This prescription bottle comes complete with 24 delicious bite-sized sugar cookies that are known to bring joy and love when consumed. 

Directions: eat 1-2 cookies as often as needed until bottles it empty. Enjoy! ❤️

$ 20 +tax 

Healthcare Appreciation Gift Box

This cookie box includes 7 assorted healthcare themed sugar cookies!


 It's the perfect gift to give to the health care heroes in your life to help them feel loved and appreciated- especially in this COVID19 mess! 

*cookie colors/ sprinkles may vary slightly set to set*


$ 30 +tax 

Share the Love.png

$ 25 +tax 

Stop Spreading It.png

$ 35 +tax 

Brownie Box graphic-2.png

$ 25 +tax 


   12 Sugar Cookies! 

       -6 Toilet Paper Rolls (3.5") 

        -6 Poop Emojis  (3")

   2 Bags of yummy icing

   3 Bags of festive doodads *subject to change based                                                   on availability *


   12 Sugar Cookies!

       -6 Large Sugar Cookie Hearts (4.5") 

        -6 Medium Sugar Cookie Hearts (2.5")

   2 Bags of yummy icing

   3 Bags of festive doodads *subject to change based                                                   on availability *


   8 Servings of Chocolate Fudge Brownies!


   2 Bags of yummy icing

   3 Bags of festive doodads *subject to change based                                                   on availability *


Cloud 9 cafe is bringing you a sweet (literally) new way to connect with friends, family, and your community during this crazy time in our world! 


Our cafe is a spot for our community to gather for good food and conversation inside the East Gate Town Center. However, since most of our customers have transitioned to alternative workspaces and are practicing safe social distancing, we have launched Curbside Cookies to bring people to our curbside and continue to serve up our breakfast, lunch, and sweet treats. 


A tasty bonus, for every box sold we are giving a portion back to the community!


Please give us a follow, share with your friends, and get ready to pre-order when ordering goes LIVE! 


Thank you so much for all your love and support! ❤️❤️❤️


Hi, we are the Fagers! Debb, the center of this group, is the heart and hands of Cloud 9 Cafe + Cakery- the rest of us occasionally help out, but we proudly all claim the important titles of "PROFESSIONAL TASTE TESTERS".

Thank you for your support. It means the world to our family! Stay healthy, friends. ❤️

Matthew 11:29 TPT

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